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Take a shot at The Coffee Shot


The Coffee Shot
103 Lavender Street
Singapore 338725

Tel: 6299 5909
Email: thecoffeeshottkc@gmail.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/THECOFFEESHOTTKC/info

Opening Hours
Tue – Sat: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sun: 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
Closed on Mondays


The greatest thing about driving is landing up in places you’ll probably never expect. Sometimes, it means places where indie cafes are.

Originally, Sweetie and I wanted to go to the beach but alas, tropical weather ensued and so, we decided to head to Toa Payoh. But, we took the wrong exit out and we ended up around Lavender / Jalan Besar area. Among the heavy industrialised area, we passed by a casual cafe with a name and decor which incites enough interest in us that we decided to try it out.


Fancy a shot? No pun intended.


Needless to say, Sweetie was sold when he saw the menu:

I was more sold by the line which said that they have free wifi, no service charge and no GST. Haha!


I wasn’t feeling very breakfast-ish so I ordered an entree and an Americano while Sweetie ordered a breakfast set and a latte.


Newly-opened around late March this year, this lovely cafe had just a few customers on a late-Saturday afternoon: a Caucasian trio with their MacBook Pros (Starbucks is so pass√©), a couple cuddling in a corner, ignoring the very fact they’re seated next to a window where passing vehicles and human traffic are noticing, and a Caucasian couple who walked in minutes after we did. With a backpacking hostel just an alley behind, we can only assume their customer base would largely involve tourists or word-of-mouth. I love how the interior decor reminds me of a beautiful California-summer garden patio lounge. From the brown earthen ceramic tiles to the lovely wood furniture, throw in some 90s music from the radio to complete the¬†ambiance.


Americano (SGD$4.50)

My Americano (SGD$4.50) came first, accompanied by a biscotti. The Americano (fresh, no sugar) left no bitter aftertaste, although it was a tad too watery. Typically the Americanos I’ve drank before leave a bitter aftertaste. So, it was good black coffee by all accounts. The biscotti hailed from French-brand – Malongo, was a great accompaniment with my coffee. A little cinnamon spice mixed with the sweetness of almonds and vanilla.


Amaretto Latte (SGD$6)

Sweetie’s Amaretto Latte (SGD$6) came soon after with the same biscotti. The creamy, almond coffee tastes utterly yummy. I was happy licking the lingering sweetness around my lips.


Swedish Meatballs (SGD$14.50)

When I saw the Swedish Meatballs (SGD$14.50) on the menu, my hungry stomach growled in delight.


Swedish Meatballs (SGD$14.50)

The Swedish Meatballs was served with small baked potatoes and lovely garden greens with balsamic vinaigrette as the sides.


Swedish Meatballs (SGD$14.50)

The dish was sprinkled with a lovely dash of cheese all around. The meatballs were dipped in tomato sauce, not cranberry sauce like IKEA but still completing the savory taste. The green salad however, was overly drenched in the dressing. They should really go easy on the dressing. The bite-size baked potatoes, like the meatballs, were manageable and easily fills up my stomach.


Scramb It! (SGD$16.90)

Sweetie’s all-day breakfast order, appropriately named “Scramb It!” (SGD$16.90), is a plate filled with honey-baked ham, scrambled eggs (duh), tomatoes, pork bratwurst, mesclun and a buttered toast. Like my dish, the breakfast set was also sprinkled generously with cheese.


Scramb It! (SGD$16.90)

Since it isn’t my meal, it wouldn’t be nice to ask my partner for a taste of it.


Care a bite out of this lovely buttered toast?

But Sweetie knows me well enough to offer me a bite haha. The buttered toast was spread with the lovely old-school sweet Planta margarine. A bite of the toast brought back memories of those yesteryears when I was still a kid. Honestly, such buttered toast is a rarity that savoring it makes it all worth while.


Scramb It! (SGD$16.90)

I didn’t try the eggs so I won’t comment on that but the pork bratwurst was like any other normal pork bratwurst – yummy. The honey-baked ham was unlike the normal honey-baked ham that you’ll get over deli counters in supermarkets. I could actually taste the sweetness of the honey in it!


Interior decor of The Coffee Shot

The Coffee Shot is another cafe to consider if you’re looking to enjoy¬†savory¬†food with quality coffee.¬†Similar to Stranger’s Reunion, both cafes are nested among areas lesser-known to the general public (think dingy KTV pubs and heavy¬†industrial¬†areas), serve drip-coffees and all-day breakfast sets. All these top off with a rustic looking interior decor that reminds you of somewhere else other than Singapore to sate that¬†wanderlust deep in all of our hearts.


As Sweetie and I stepped out of the cafe:

They suffer from Monday Blues too! Haha!


Speaking of Monday Blues…….


That will be my face knowing that tomorrow’s Monday ūüė¶

B.F.F – Batter Fluffy Flaps [Best Friends Forever – With my pancakes of course!]

“When in doubt while searching for the place, look for the huge, cute sheep.”

Batter Fluffy Flaps
89 East Coast Road #01-01
Singapore 428790
(Located directly opposite/across the road of The 24 Hour Hong Kong Dim Sum Restaurant. Yes, the same Hong Kong Dim Sum Restaurant that charges the exorbitant, no-grace period SGD$5 entry-parking fee)

Telephone: 6440 7071
Website: http://www.batterfluffyflaps.com/
Email: admin@batterfluffyflaps.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/batterfluffyflaps

Opening Hours
Mon to Thur: 11am to 10pm
Fri: 11am to 11pm
Sat: 9am to 11pm
Sun: 9am to 10pm
**Kitchen closes 30mins before closing.


Aside from Waffles, Pancakes are like the next close-enough item that both Sweetie and I love. It’s a pretty duh-oh fact by now that we just love our breakfast food, anytime of the day. Sweetie had heard about Batter Fluffy Flaps a.k.a Codename B.F.F for short, from another friend and he’s been dying to try it ever since. So we decided to head over to East Coast Road after our lovely couple spa-jacuzzi + massage combo at The Cathay, since it’s near my place.


All day pancakes you say?! I MUST BE IN HEAVEN.

Upon arrival, let’s just say I went really trigger-happy and started snapping pictures like some bimbo tourist because the interior¬†d√©cor¬†just looks really, really amazing and beautiful. I’ll leave you guys to the pictures.



As the founders of Batter Fluffy Flaps had envisioned, the place is truly for Best Friends, Friends and Families to come together and enjoy a cosy ambience to chill and enjoy some good food. Yes, pancakes aren’t just meant for breakfast, it can be taken anytime and anywhere. Upon arrival, anyone would feel at home with such lovely, warm and family-feel ambience with garden chairs, couches, simple tables with minimal but artistic elements present in its¬†d√©cor. You can tell they actually put in the effort to make the place feel very welcoming.



Talk about having motivational posters, these witty and hipster posters just wins it all. 



Minimalist interior designing. It’s like an Ikea showroom for a kid’s bedroom, except done way better. Ikea needs to hire these guys.



Truth to be told, I was actually craving for some meat on that day but Sweetie really wanted pancakes, so we ended up at B.F.F.  However, to my delight, they have savoury pancakes on their menu (YES!). especially for those who are not feeling too dessert-ish. So to keep a balance, we ordered one savoury and one dessert pancake to split.



The waitresses were really warm and friendly and it makes the overall ambience even better. Sadly, sweetie and I tried Strictly Pancakes at Prinsep Street previously and it wasn’t that fantastic as everyone had made it to be. In fact I actually felt it was over-hyped when the pancakes were substandard, coupled with the horrible service + ambience. The whole package to an eatery is not just the food, but the ambience and service. If either one of these components are lacking, it’ll just throw off the entire balance of the place. I’m pretty sure those who had tried Strictly Pancakes will echo the same sentiments that the place and its pancakes are just over-hyped.



To complete the hipster and indie feel, this place sells little trinkets and some of their mascot’s items. Talk about good branding and marketing.



Earl Grey and English Breakfast Tea (SGD$4.50 each)

We ordered individual cups of tea because we were just not feeling coffee-ish. Well, there’s always next time. What I found really amusing was they did the whole “How to Order Kopi like a pro” and essentially gave a visual-breakdown/explanation of the difference between an espresso and a latte. You can find their lovely food and drinks menu conveniently uploaded on their website over [HERE].



Spicy Chicken Midwings (SGD$8.50)


Spicy Chicken Midwings (SGD$8.50)

We ordered a side just in case the pancakes won’t fill us up (although I had a strange feeling that it just might….). The spicy chicken midwings (SGD$8.50) was indeed “marinated to the right level of spiciness“. It was just so finger-licking delicious that 6 pieces was not enough. But alas, we have to make room for the pancakes that came soon after.



Mixed Mary’s Berries (SGD$13.90). I assure you, this is a wonderful, beautiful and delicious mess.

For the sweet, we ordered Mixed Mary’s Berries (SGD$13.90) – Blueberry pancakes with yoghurt, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, grapes, raisins and granola for the extra crunch.



Mixed Mary’s Berries (SGD$13.90). Look at those dang daydum pancakes sprinkled with berries and drizzled with strawberry sauce all over. It’s like a food bukkake going on in there.

The Mixed Mary’s Berries was food porn at its best. The first bite we took was just explosive. The pancakes were really fluffy and the strawberry sauce, berries and granola was a mix of sweetness, juiciness and crunchiness all in one perfect balanced mix. None of the components was too overpowering. It was simply perfect.



Mixed Mary’s Berries (SGD$13.90).

I’m a massive yoghurt fan. So that’s why I love this pancake set even more. The fresh¬†Greek¬†yoghurt was mixed with raisins, granola and more berries. A healthy but yummy side to go with the pancakes. Sometimes, ice-cream can get a little too much to stomach when having it as a side with pancakes or waffles. Yoghurt is the choice to have to bring a balance to the sweet and creaminess of the pancakes or waffles.



Mixed Mary’s Berries (SGD$13.90).

The blueberry pancakes had real blueberries in it. It says a lot when a place serves you blueberry pancakes and not just your normal blueberry-flavoured pancakes.



Mixed Mary’s Berries (SGD$13.90).

This set is a true work of art. Let’s take a moment to appreciate this lovely view once more.



Juicy Beef Patty (SGD$14.90). It’s a burger!

For the savoury, we ordered the Juicy Beef Patty (SGD$14.90). It’s a perfect marriage between sweetie’s unhealthy love for burgers with his insatiable sweet-tooth for pancakes. Whereas for me, I was eyeing the beef patty because I was feeling really carnivorous that day haha.


Juicy Beef Patty (SGD$14.90) – Side salad with caramelised onions.

The side salad that came with the Juicy Beef Patty pancakes set was really refreshing. The dressing was minimal but enough for the salad’s portion, which is really great because I really don’t like it when places flood your salad with dressing as if I’m asking for vegetable soup or something.



Juicy Beef Patty (SGD$14.90) – tomato, sliced cheese and a sunny egg.

I managed to take this lovely picture before Sweetie killed it by drizzling the entire mini-jar of maple syrup on it. I like my savoury with sweet but honestly, he really did an overkill with the sweet there. Anyways, the beef patty was meaty and peppered with right amount of spice and the sunny egg was fried the way I wanted it to be. The sunny egg almost reminded me of the way my grandma would fry a sunny side up egg. When such flavours managed to trigger my childhood memories, it just means they’ve nailed it.



Juicy Beef Patty (SGD$14.90)

Look at the size of that patty. I love places that are really generous with their meat portions at affordable prices. Again, let’s take a moment to savour this wondrous view before I devour this lovely piece of meat.



Don’t say “No” to Fluffy!

Honestly, I hate to compare but Batter Fluffy Flaps might as well rename themselves to the “BETTER Fluffy Flaps”. Their pancakes are good, affordable and their warm hospitality and service, with family-fun ambience gives that extra boost for anyone to want to hang out here and chill while enjoying really good pancakes. So, don’t say “NO” to Fluffy! LOOK AT THE FACE. EVEN YOU CAN’T SAY “NO” TO THAT CUTE FACE ON THAT NAME CARD OMG.

Okay, enough of my hysteria. MOVING ON.

Head over to Batter Fluffy Flaps located at 89 East Coast Road for some really awesome pancakes. If you’re a true blue pancake connoisseur or simply like a Singaporean foodie like me, you’ll travel for this. I assure you, it’s GOOD. And if I can’t convince you, I’ll let Pancake convince you with its cuteness:


Pretty Please??

2013: In Brief


This is one of those filler posts that I will write because my work is being a bitch at this point and I can’t really juice out anything to write reviews about those beautiful food places I’ve been lately. Trust me, it’s a lot. The language used in this post is probably how I’d type if it wasn’t for the fact I want to do justice to proper blogging ūüė¶

Anyways, I took my health screening once more this year and woots, I LOST ANOTHER 5 KILOGRAMS! YAY ME! Please excuse myself while I feast those potato chips that I’ve so been craving since forever.


To put into a visual perspective, here’s a before and after photo for you guys:


While it’s an achievement for me, I’d like to take a notch even further and lose another 5 kilograms. Friends’ reactions?


Sweetie and I celebrated our first anniversary together. Poor boy blew his budget for me, but honestly, I feel so touched and loved. We’ve been through a lot together in just one year – from career changes to cat problems ;_; He wasn’t expecting a gift from me but being the awesome girlfriend I am, I gave him something that he has been wanting to buy:


The Razer Deathadder 2013. Pure orgasm at its best. As a friend puts it plainly, the drama involved in procuring this tiny bitch was over 9000. HAHAHA. Long story short, that very same friend is working in Razer and usually, Sweetie would buy it from her at a discounted staff rate. So he kept saying how he wanted to change his mouse and wants to buy it from her and I had to pre-empt her every time he does that, to the point of possibly begging her on my knees to not sell it to him. Okay I over exaggerate HAHAHAH.

No seriously. That was how dramatic it was. I guess I would have killed him if he had bought it before I did ūüėÄ



We spent the night at Movepick Heritage Hotel at Sentosa. Sadly, for a 5-star hotel, it lacks the service and amenities in comparison to Royal Plaza on Scotts which we had stayed during my birthday. Not to mention, Royal Plaza actually gave us a free upgrade to a Club Suite. Movenpick wants us to pay $80. Not impressed at all please.

The possible redeeming factor is the bathtub and the ice-cream that they gave us upon check-in. Even so, it barely pleases us.  Ah wells. Part 2 was a couple-spa treat at The Cathay, much thanks to Citibank voucher promotions. Yay credit card woots.


On an ending note, I cut my hair! Possibly the shortest hairdo I’ve EVER carried. But sweetie finds it hot and so did many others haha. Funnily, sweetie wants to dump me in a club and see how fast I get picked up D:


It was cut none other than a really fabulous person: Ritz Lim, aka the director/owner of Ritz Salon at Pacific Plaza on Orchard Road. He’s also one of the co-founders of The Butter Factory.


He’s the dude on the left of the pic. CAN YOU IMAGINE HE’S ALREADY ABOVE 50 YEARS OLD!??! OMG¬† SO FABULOUSLY YOUTHFUL LOOKING. I died so much when I found out his age.

Admittedly, I have kira-kira (shiny) eyes when I see him because he’s just too fabulously awesome, and sobs, it makes me look so dumpy ;___; I have such admiration for this guy. Each time he cuts my hair, I smile like an idiot because he’s just so fabulous, god I think he thinks I’m creeper or something D:

Anyways, if you’re game enough, let him go free-flow with your hair and do whatever he wants. Previously he knows that I didn’t like really short hair cuts (possibly this acted as a sort of restriction for him) so this time, I guess I was really depressed (I have a habit of cutting my hair when I’m super uber depressed, almost like slitting wrists kind) and “AH WHAT THE HECK JUST CUT MY HAIR” sort of attitude so I told him to do whatever he wants. He asked if he could cut my hair as short like Rihanna and I was like “Why Not?”.

Indeed, the compliments I got for this hairstyle outshines all the previous hairstyles that he had cut for me. Even sweetie finds it so hot that he can’t stop smiling ūüėÄ

As an artist myself, I understand how much rules and guidelines can really restrict one’s creativity. I guess being bipolar (Figuratively speaking. Not Literally. Equal percentage of rational and irrational LOL), I was afraid to try new things. Now, I’m glad I did this hair cut.


ANYHOO, I’m seriously pimping his service if anyone wants an awesome hairstyle. However, considering he’s the owner and his artistic skills, his services aren’t cheap so please be prepared to splurge a bit. Another nice thing I love about his salon is how the shampoo boy/girl gives you a really good head massage and how well they wash your hair. Like seriously, they take really good time and effort to really wash your hair and massage your forehead + scalp. It’s almost like a spa-treatment for me all over again.

Delicious Singapore at Scotts Square

Delicious Singapore at Scotts Square
6 Scotts Road, #B1-16-19,

Scotts Square, Singapore 228209

URL: http://www.thedeliciousgroup.com.sg
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/delicious.sg
Phone: 6636 0903
Email: reservation@thedeliciousgroup.com.sg

Operating Hours
10am to 10pm (Mon – Sun)


It’s been a while since I’ve written any reviews here. Truth to be told, this post is way overdue. ¬†I lead a really busy work life so whatever spare time I have is left for my beauty sleep ūüė¶ The number of places I’ve been to eat versus my time to blog their reviews has resulted in a massive backlog. In fact, this entry was sitting in my drafts for almost 3 weeks now.

That aside,¬†I have to say that unlike other food bloggers who scour for hard-to-reach (a.k.a ulu),¬†up-scale¬†areas for food places, I look around high-end shopping malls for my foodies fix LOL. Scotts Square had undergone a major revamp for the last 2 years or so and reopened recently, adding on to the series of high-end luxury retail malls with private apartments on Orchard Road. Singapore retail malls emphasize the need to have exclusive food establishments to attract more visitors to their malls. To put it bluntly, fashion culture is second place and eating is every Singaporean’s favourite past time.

I’ve visited Scotts Square many times, but honestly, it’s ¬†mostly for the toilet because it’s so much cleaner and high-end enough for my royal butt (LOL). I’ve noticed Delicious Singapore a couple of times but I’ve never gotten around to eating there because I end up having some other place in mind.

The opportunity came one day and sweetie and I decided to eat there because there was some serious ponding (a word that is now familiar¬†with the locals due to the recent years of experiencing extreme flooding) going on. Resulting in my white heels getting totally ruined ;( Sweetie was so hungry and simply couldn’t brave the storm any further so we found ourselves getting into Scotts Square to escape the crazy wetness out there.


For a Saturday afternoon, we’re grateful that the establishment wasn’t crowded and we were quickly seated at a comfy corner. I was attracted to Delicious Singapore because of its interior design (LOL photographer mindset, always looking for new places to shoot).



Their signature use of cyan colour with white-drawn designs, wood furnishings and bird-cage décor gives the place an air of contemporary hipster interior design meets Nature. The interior design calls attention to their establishment but yet the overall décor still remains classy and tasteful.


“where be my food??? *Sulks*”

Sweetie was on the verge of fainting so we quickly placed our orders. I thought it was rather adorable of them to label the finger food section of the menu as “Grazing“. Suffering from extreme hunger pangs, sweetie got annoyed at the server because he came back telling us they don’t serve Americano Coffee. Essentially, we just want black coffee so Long Black and Americano Coffee is the same, just a slight difference in preparation style. Then again, I don’t expect non-F&B waiters to know the difference unless they’ve gone through Barista school or something.


Garlic Bread (SGD$3++)

The Garlic Bread (SGD$3++) uses your usual French Loaf with Garlic Spread. The bread was toasted nicely without any charred parts, and the balance of butter and garlic was evenly mixed. The bread was really crunchy and that makes me even happier.


Aglio Olio Spaghettini with additional Beef Bacon (SGD$9 + $4.50)

Sweetie ordered the Aglio Oli Spaghettini (SGD$9) and added on the Beef Bacon (SGD$4.50 extra charge). According to him, it tasted normal. Nothing really spectacular or mind-blowing. The beef bacon was good though, because hell, IT’S BACON!!!!!! Need we emphasize more??


Aglio Olio Spaghettini with additional Beef Bacon (SGD$9 + $4.50)

Truth to be told, I was torn between the Aglio Olio and the steak. But since sweetie ordered the pasta, I could take some from him so I ordered the Black Angus Steak instead.


Black Angus Steak with brown sauce, mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus (SGD$19.90++)

My Black Angus Steak (SGD$19.90++)‘s portion is seriously huge for its price, and very value-for-money. Coupled with 2 huge scoops of buttered mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus, I knew¬†I¬†wasn’t going to finish my meal this time round. I ordered for my steak’s doneness to be medium but as expected, Delicious served me a well-done steak.


How is this medium? where’s the blood in this!???

I wasn’t too disappointed because sadly most of the time, I don’t expect establishments in Singapore to get the doneness of steaks right. Many tend to overcook it. Typically¬†I’m¬†okay with well-done but at times,¬†I¬†feel like having medium or medium-rare. Sweetie asked me to send it back to the kitchen but I was too hungry to even care.


Black Angus Steak with brown sauce, mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus (SGD$19.90++)

On the other hand, the mashed potato didn’t fail me as badly as the steak did. Eating the mashed potato made me feel like I was eating a hot and tasty ice-cream, except less milky and with more flavour. ūüôā


Black Angus Steak with brown sauce, mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus (SGD$19.90++)

The overall winner for the dish is the brown sauce. Quite honestly,¬†I¬†wasn’t sure the sauce is for which item on the dish, but it goes well with both the meat and the mashed potatoes. The fact that they served the sauce on a separate serving dish pleases me as I don’t really like my steak or mashed potatoes dripping in sauce. So cookie points to Delicious for that thoughtful gesture.



Overall, I feel Delicious Singapore is an okay-ish place. The food isn’t exactly really fantastic or¬†mind blowing¬†but decent enough. Nonetheless, I’ll still recommend this place for it’s a nice place to meet up with some friends to have a meal. I’ve heard that Delicious is more known for their cakes but pity I was too full to try their cakes. Perhaps next time when I’m feeling high-tea-ish.

La Salsa Mexican Restaurant Bar @ Dempsey Hill

La Salsa Mexican Restaurant Bar
Blk 11, Dempsey Road
#01-17, Singapore 249673
Tel: (65) 6475 6976
Email: info@lasalsa.com.sg
Website: http://www.lasalsa.com.sg/
Dempsey Tenant Website: http://www.dempseyhill.com/tenants_LaSalsa.htm


Operating Hours:

  • Weekdays: 4pm – 1am
  • Eve of Public Holidays & Weekends: 4pm – 2am


Sweetie had just finished his Financial Risk Manager exam on Saturday so we decided to celebrate the end of his grueling study days with a nice, fancy dinner. We were trying to avoid town area because it’s terribly crowded (I’m sorry but it’s so suffocating to live with a population of 5.3 million and our government wants to increase that to 6 million, if not more. What gives?! =_= ).

We were deciding between Holland Village and Dempsey and sweetie suggested Dempsey as he was craving Mexican. Having tasted good Mexican food while he was over at the States, he can’t seem to find any good or decent Mexican food in Singapore. So we decided to try La Salsa as he had previously tried Margarita’s; which is also in Dempsey but he found it to be rather substandard/”meh”.


Despite not having reservations on a Saturday evening, we arrived at La Salsa and was pleasantly seated near the stage. True to what was described on their website, La Salsa certainly boosts the Mexican atmosphere. On stage playing beautiful lounge-like music is V Morgan, who is a resident performer at the establishment.


While sweetie was looking through the menu, I was busy admiring (and taking photos LOL) of the place. It seems apparent that La Salsa may not be as bustling as other reputable eateries, but it certainly stands as a class of its own with a diversified pool of customers.

At one corner, a couple with 2 young children were having a nice family meal, thankfully their kids were extremely well-behaved and didn’t cry like most kids do. At another corner, there was a group in their mid-20s who’re having a get-together meet up. There are couples as well as tourists alike present, either having a meal or just simply having Margaritas. As V Morgan croons some lovely tunes, being at La Salsa feels as though I’m in some upscale eatery in the States (I’ve never been to the States but having watch many TV dramas, I somehow managed to visualise how it’ll be like).

Simply put, it’s definitely a place where you’ll feel like you’re in a different world all together.


Admittedly, the lighting is rather dim in La Salsa and I was having trouble reading the menu with my poor eyesight. While it’s understandable that it’s the mood lighting for the establishment, I honestly did wished that the lighting could have been brighter. In fact, my photos are really shitty this time round and I sincerely apologise for the terrible photos that does injustice to the place ūüė¶ It’ appears to be very bright in my photos because i went to massively ‘zheng’ in my iPhone photo-editing apps.

Sweetie decided to order an appetiser and a main to share (much like having Tapas in Spanish Cuisine, where sharing over drinks is the culture) to start off, coupled with 2 separate Margaritas. The Margarita drinks is definitely a must to try when you’re in a Mexican restaurant. A restaurant’s ability to serve good and authentic drinks is a one of the key factors to their authenticity.


Lychee Margarita and Lime Margarita on the rocks (Per Glass each – $16++)

I think it’s a given by now that I love my Lychee drinks, as much as sweetie dislikes Lychee :P. The Lychee Margarita is pleasantly sweet without much of the Tequila taste. Nonetheless, upon drinking, you’ll realise the Tequila is indeed mixed in the drink and you can only feel it burning in your stomach and not taste it, kind of like a silent killer. Still, it’s decently mixed in my opinion. Margaritas in La Salsa are served either frozen or straight up/on the rocks and they’re priced by the glass, pint and jar. 3 sizes, 2 variations, plenty of room for flexibility. A definite thumbs-up for the extra value-added touch that this cosy restaurant offers.


Cheese Nachos ($12++)

Our appetiser came and it smelled so good. The plate of nachos was just dripping with melted cheese, guacamole and sour cream sauce. The portion was just nice, if not more, for 2 people to share. The mix of fillings and portion of Tortilla chips were nicely balanced with the amount of sauces present in the dish.


The Tortilla chips were crispy and fresh, despite being doused in melted cheese. It’s crunchy and very filling. When we had polished off the nachos, we were feeling half-full!


Fajitas with Steak Filling ($32++)

Sweetie ordered the Fajitas as our mains (He wanted to order Enchiladas but I kindly reminded him of what happened the last time he had ordered that in TCC) and I chose the filling. La Salsa offers a wide variety of fillings for the Fajitas, from vegetarian to premium Wagyu beef. The price of the Fajitas are based on the fillings that’s chosen. Our steak filling came in a sizzling, smoking hot plate while our flat tortilla wraps came in a cute, green stone-like container; along with a tray of various sauce mixes ranging from freshly-made salsa to melted cheese.


The sizzling cut-up steak pieces was thick and juicy, mixed with a healthy portion of onions and capsicums. We’re served 4 pieces of Tortilla wraps, which evens out to 2 wraps for each of us. I actually thought the green stone-like container used to store the wraps was rather thoughtful in ensuring the wraps were kept warm but sweetie informed me that it’s actually common for Mexican eateries to serve it up this way. I don’t know because I haven’t exactly eaten any Mexican cuisine prior to this so I guess I take his word for it? Whether or not it’s only prevalent in authentic Mexican restaurants in the States or everywhere else in the world, I can’t say so for sure.


By the time we’re done with our Fajitas, sweetie’s stomach and mine were filled to the brim and we needed to walk around for a while. To think that we had originally intend to order 2 mains, we were lucky to just order one main to share! For the price and the portions, it’s definitely worth sharing and feel utterly satisfied at the end of the meal. Sadly, we wanted to save room for dessert (which was why we decided to share our meal in the first place) but we were too full and sweetie was feeling the effects from the Tequila. Thus, we decided to cut short our dinner and make it back home before he crashes the car!


If you’re looking for a cosy authentic Mexican restaurant that boosts good ambiance, food, drinks and live music, La Salsa is the top on the list for anyone to try. The prices are affordable and decent for the quality and authenticity of the food they serve. In Sweetie’s books, the Margaritas are worth every single cent. As someone who’s able to hold at least 3 or more glasses of alcoholic mixes, he recommends the Margaritas as a kill-shot and value-for-money drink.


A special note for those with a weak stomach and fast digestive system: La Salsa’s toilet is clean and fresh and to top it off, they even provide a handy spray hose in case you need to sit on the “Golden Throne” for a while :P! While it may not seem like it, it’s another credit to them for being so detailed and thoughtful to the customers’ toiletry needs. Haha! So rest assured for those who’re extremely particular about the conditions of public restrooms (like me LOL). In comparison to other establishments within Dempsey Hill, their toilet is definitely one of the better and cleaner ones where you’ll feel at ease using.

I’m sexy and I know it.

In Japan, your film rolls are stocked up like frozen meat in a supermarket. (Photo Image by Me.)

I decided to write this because it came to me while I was standing in the potato chips and chocolate aisle of the supermarket, deciding which of the two is the lesser evil. I took some selection to go to the counter to pay, before changing my mind at the last moment and u-turning back to replace them with an alternative that’s lesser in calories.

I do this on a constant basis.

Which is probably the reason why I’m not exactly the most¬†accommodating¬†person if you were to ask me what I’d like to have or where I’ll like to eat. Because I can spend hours just deciding where I want to eat, before changing my mind at the last moment. Believe me, my other half have to suffer that most of the time.



What’s the point of this entry? Right, sorry I digress. This entry is about my weight loss journey and how I struggled with my food. Now, this entry isn’t going to be some “OH MY GAWDZ DIANA IS GONNA REVEAL HER STEP-BY-STEP MANUAL ON WEIGHT LOSS!”, nor is this one of those motivational entries you’ll read about. It’s simply a reflective entry for me on how far I’ve come since my fatty days.


Even Britney needs her cellulite removed digitally.

I’m like the new Slim 10 model or whatever they call it nowadays. Except, I didn’t get my figure from eating diet pills, extreme puking or plastic surgery. And FYI to those who think they work, sorry to burst your little rosy bubble but IT DOESN’T. Contrary to the popular belief, liposuction DOES NOT help you in losing weight, it only helps you in the sculpting ¬†process of your body.

My tremendous weight loss has caught the attention of the Local hospital near my house, who organizes a yearly health screening which I attend. You pay a fee of only SGD$2 to have your height, weight and blood pressure measured and after that, the volunteers for that programme will review the report generated from the input of the figures to know where you stand in terms of your health. I started on the programme because my mom was a volunteer. But otherwise, that’s all there is to it. This huge-mass screening even gives me a nice Milo packet and sandwich at the end of it, so why not? LOL


Look ma, I’m on the papers!

Naturally, they tap on me as a form of their unpaid spokesperson but hey, I’m not complaining because I get to be on the local newspaper. Fame does have its benefits you know? ūüėõ While the article talks objectively about the hospital and their programme’s benefit to the local community, it doesn’t really touch upon my weight loss on a personal basis so I’m going to share that part.

For starters, I hope none of you had your dinner yet. Brace yourself for this is me back in early-2009, when I was about 91kg.

Seriously, I’m not kidding. That is me. No photoshop, au natural flabbiness in all its former glory. I pretty much deleted almost all of my photos back in my ‘fatty’ days, so this is one of the few photos left. Quite frankly, I didn’t even take much photos back then because I was just so fat that I felt the any camera will melt from all that massive lard I was carrying around.

In fact, I was deciding between this photo and the other photo that was featured in the news article, which was actually much newer and by then, I had lost some of my flabs (around July 2010). But, I decided against it as my facial expression was too inappropriate (and horrifying) to showcase in a local newspaper so i decided to spare the people’s eyes and gave the other picture for the journalist to use instead.

I wasn’t fat to begin with. My weight gain started when i was on daily medication for Epilepsy. The side effects for that particular medication was weight gain and the slowing of metabolism rate. Because I wasn’t allowed to have any physical education or exercise (for fear that the lack of supervision in school will result in me being involve in accidents), my weight spiraled out of control the moment I started my post-secondary education in a local Polytechnic. The stress, coupled with my unhealthy eating habits and ZERO exercise, boomed me into this big fat tub.


Even so, I actually felt I was cool with it because heck, i want to be this big girl who does great things and doesn’t let her weight get into her head like those skinny, anorexic bitches I see on the street. I told myself that I wasn’t going to let my weight affect me and instead, I used it to my own advantage. Like, how I threaten to beat them up if they won’t stop yabbering.

In short, i was this fat, fury-tempered, stressed and angsty teenage girl, who likes her fried chicken wings and Lays Potato chips a lot. My poly friend, Togusa, recounts his memory of me back in school as this girl who’s always having a bag of potato chips, and I’ll be having one hand in the bag while the other is on the iMac mouse busy doing clone-stamping of skin on photoshop.

Even after I graduated, I still couldn’t give a damn about my weight. Until one fine day, I decided to weigh myself for the first time in a long while. Imagine the shock of my life when I saw that I was standing at 91 kg! That was when it hit me. And if that wasn’t enough for a wake-up call, I¬†re-looked¬†at some of my older photos and reality hits me real hard visually; about how much weight I’ve actually gained over the years.


My back view is rather sexy. Please, take more photos of my back instead.

Woah mama. I was a big one alright.

But the real motivation for my weight loss wasn’t just that. It was a much deeper and more superficial reason. After realising how fat and fugly i was, i realised that at the rate I’m going, I’ll end up a lonely old woman because I’m just too fat and ugly for any guy to take notice of me.

Guys, don’t lie that you care more about personality more than looks. Because in all seriousness, I wanted a hot and handsome guy to fall in love with me. With how I was back then, there was zero chances. In fact, bulk of my friends were dudes whom only see me as a dude and not a girl. And I don’t blame them for that. I look at my old self and I think the same way too.

Don’t even get me started on the thousand and one nasty sexual jokes about how a guy can get crushed under so much layers. I’ve heard them all.


With this determination in mind, i started a series of fruit-only diet, starvation etc all kinds of whacked-up, hearsay diets. Simply because i was too lazy to do any exercise. But, my weight keeps yo-yoing back and forth and there was no real results in losing weight. I was getting angrier and more depressed each day. It wasn’t until my then-best friend (now an ex-friend) and her mom suggested that I follow their diet: Calculate the amount of calories I eat, limit my calorie intake to only 1,200 a day, take 5 small meals instead of 3 big heavy meals and walk around A LOT.

I did that and initially for the first 2 months, it didn’t work and I was so devastated. But I persevered and soon, I started losing 1 to 2 kilos each week. It was going so well and I started getting more compliments about how much slimmer I’ve become. Hearing such compliments motivated me even more.

I walked as much as I can, eat lesser portions of rice and smaller but more meals. Soon, I even started climbing stairs at every chance I get. I was losing 5kg, then 10 kg, then 15kg. Over 4 years, I shaved off 40 kg.

With such impressive figures and massive changes, no wonder the hospital HAD to ask me to be their spokesperson for the interview. (FYI: I’ve lost another 5kg since the Feburary 2012 screening.)

Honestly, I can say that the first 20kg is easy to lose. In fact, I lost it in just ONE YEAR. The last 20 kg was so hard and countless of times, i felt like giving up. But I keep telling myself that with a smaller and tighter figure, i can find nicer, prettier and sexier clothes and i can get the man of my dreams.

The weight loss not only revamped my entire wardrobe (I CAN NOW WEAR MORE GIRLY CLOTHES SOBSOBSOBS), but it also helped me in terms of my attitude and outlook towards life. I was always feeling angry and depressed every day when I was fat and I went to my bags of potato chips as comfort food to make myself feel better. Needless to say, it was a vicious and self-destructive cycle. Nowadays, I’m much happier and more positive.


Perhaps, because I have found my other half as well earlier on this year ūüôā Right now, he is still my motivation to lose more weight (JUST. 5. MORE. GODDAMN. KILOS.) and have a much toned and healthier body. Even though, now it’s the reversed and he’s the one who’s gaining weight. They’re called ‘Love Handles’ after all ūüėõ


Recently, I went to the Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2012 event held at the Expo. It was great to see old and good cosplay friends, of which many couldn’t recognise me or couldn’t find me because I’m now less than half of what I used to be LOL.


happyh0rse & me at AFA 2012! (Photo by Potato Zelmer)

There were two kinds of reaction when I meet up with people at the events:

1. Who are you / Do I know you?

Most of the time, I get Reaction no. 1. I don’t blame them because there is a huge contrast from what they remembered of me and what I am now. It doesn’t help when I have been rather low-key for the last 2 years within the scene and not having any booths in any events. Many expressed their concerns about me losing more weight and insists that I’m fine the way I am right now. But honestly, I still feel it’s not enough. Not until I hit the 40-45kg range and be able to fit into clothes that are of size 0 or petite range.

For the record, I have to dispel rumors that I was eating some diet pill or something along those lines. My weight loss is through proper eating habits and exercise. No diet pills of any kind were involved, neither did I do any form of plastic surgery because I can’t it. I’m definitely not bulimic or anorexic. I still snack on dark chocolates and occasional potato chips and fried chicken :P.

I understand people’s concern that I’m getting too skinny (last time it was me getting too fat LOL), rest assured that I know my body well enough to know that I’m still a little flabby in certain areas and I’m working on losing those flabs, toning it and eating right at the same time. When I was losing weight, I had to keep reminding myself that Weight doesn’t necessarily translates into fat because muscles can be the bulk of the weight.

So cheer me on for the last 5kg and hopefully, I can do that lingerie shoot that I so want to do, to show off my new fabulous and sexy body!!!!!


Now, when I board the train, people no longer stare at me weirdly or give me their seats ūüėÄ

The Siren beckons you. And you will feel awesome.

Strawberry Sangaria ($16++) at Serenity – Spanish Bar & Restaurant (Vivocity Level 1)

Before I start this entry, I’m just gonna say a couple of things:

  1. I’m highly caffeinated as I’m typing this entry. Or either that, I’ve lost my marbles.
  2. This came into my mind while I was showering. The toilet is always the greatest place for inspiration and for ideas to come to life.
  3. I’m not advocating alcoholism. I’m just blabbering.
  4. This entry is fairly personal, added with a dose of nonsense.
  5. I’d be truly amazed if anyone even got past point no. 2


Everyone knows that the most stressful jobs out there are media & advertising, banking and sales. Although I’m not saying that other jobs aren’t that stressful, let’s just leave it as ‘choosing the lesser evil’. Due to the high stress environment, it seems second-nature for a handful of people in these industries to be smoking or drinking or both. As they say, “you work hard, you party hard.”

I grew up with a father who did the 2 vices together and was what you call an alcoholic and chain-smoker. Violence fueled his childhood so I grew up having to deal with his physical aggression. It became worse when I was a teenager going through the “angst” phase. With the media portraying the bad association of alcohol and cigarettes with socially undesirable behavior, I trusted myself to never touch any of those, except for drinks like white or red wine , which I deemed as classy social function drinks that I’d only drink out of respect when given at a dinner function.

The secondary reason was I never liked the taste of beer (hell forbids such a vile substance to be created), wine or any alcoholic drink. But I was told that I’ll grow to appreciate it once I’m much older, like how a kid will appreciate coffee over his/her orange juice.

The irony? I fell in love with coffee when I was 7 and I’ve never looked back since.

The irony no. 2? I forced myself to drink hard liquor neat, like Hennessy VSOP, XO etc. Stomaching that burning sensation in front of older people as a rite of passage and to show how ‘tough’ I am. It clearly indicates I have an inferior complex and the need to feel accepted as one of the more “matured & cool” kids on the block.

The irony no. 3? I met my other half through a round of drinks. It was a funny incident that resulted in me not remembering anything from that night and having to deal with a whole shit load of embarrassment after that. At least now we know that I can only stomach one drink and no more than 2.


Being in and out of the media industry for the last 2 years has made me realize the stresses of the working society. At the blooming age of 22, some of us have already made a name for ourselves, while others like me are still struggling to find their place and where they want to be. Through my stress, I found a source of comfort in having drinks but by no means I’m saying that I club every week or I drink on a daily/weekly basis. I’m not justifying my need to drink. It’s that feel you get when you just need something to calm yourself for the night before heading home to have a good night’s sleep without having unnecessary thoughts clouding your mind.

Not to mention, one cocktail drink is packed with at least 200 or more calories. As a girl, I’m superficial enough to care about my waistline more than anything else.

With a new circle of friends, I began to experience the positive joy of having good drinks, good coffee or good food for that matter. It makes me realize that having one drink occasionally isn’t as bad as i make myself think it is. Especially when you’re enjoying good company and having lots of laughs and interesting conversations.

Lychee Martini and Mojito ($28+++ each) at Axis Lounge, Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Of course, there are the friends who prefer to drink at clubs and enjoy the music and dancing (e.g The Butter Factory). But I’d very much prefer to sit in a comfy seat at hotel lounges or quieter bars where I can at least hear myself and enjoy some soothing live lounge music.


Perhaps it’s true as they say that your tastes will evolve as you grow older and so I appreciate alcohol more than I used to. Like how my mom appreciates the nasty Yves Saint Laurent opium parfum while I think it smells cheap. Maybe 3 decades later, I might end up saying I like that nasty smell because it appeals to me.


I’ll enjoy Vodka until then. Because Vodka makes you feel awesome. So awesome you’re compelled to make a song out of it.

Spruce @ Upper Bukit Timah Old Fire Station

260 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 288190
Tel: 6466 5582
URL: http://www.spruce.com.sg
Facebook: [More updated than their official website]

It’s been a while since I did any reviews as I’m in the midst of an “Economic Downturn”. The past weeks have been tough and I’m trying to get by as much as I can.

Sweetie & I was invited to have a dinner session with his friends and their “+1s” a.k.a Significant others. Dinner reservations were made at the Spruce @ Upper Bukit Timah Road’s Old Fire Station. According to the lovely missus and her partner, the food is good and so was the ambiance. Any recommendation by that lovely couple certainly deserves a thumbs-up for they seem to know where to look for new food hunts.

And in a superficial way, any food place within the Bukit Timah area does have a reputation to upkeep amongst the upscale neighbourhood surrounding them.


Reservations is strongly recommended as they seemed to be fully-packed when we arrive. Parking was rather limited, dark and dangerous. Sweetie’s car kissed the rear end of another car and thankfully, there wasn’t any scratches whatsoever.

I’m greatly surprised to see the Old Bukit Timah Fire station transformed into a lovely upscale restaurant, yet keeping the original red door facade that’s facing the main road. To put into comparison, it’s like how the Singapore Government tearing down the insides and surroundings of Victoria Concert hall but leaving only ONE wall/its main gate that’s facing on the outside as fulfilling part of their agreement in “conserving our heritage/history”. The irony.

We were shown to our table and given some ice & warm water while waiting for one or 2 latecomers. For nearly 20 minutes (even after our late comers arrived), we tried to have our orders taken by not 1, not 2 but 4 DIFFERENT waiters. Yet each time, there seems to be some excuse going on about not taking our orders or getting someone else to take our orders.

Fed up, one of our friends went up to the manager, Angie to address the terrible service standards. While I can understand it’s a weekend, it appears that they’re severally understaffed with some weird hierarchy going on (only specific waiters can take orders what????!). On top of that, they seem to lack the common sense of wondering why there’s a group of 8 people sitting down with no food for the past 45minutes to an hour in their establishment.

A friend was joking about their chef having some KPI and how they have to stall for some time because he can probably only cook a certain amount of food in a certain amount of given time. It started to get really ridiculous when a couple and another family of 4 who came much later than us had their orders taken and was served with their food. Even when they left the establishment, our food has yet to arrive.

Our bottle of white wine which we had ordered eons ago FINALLY arrived with still no food at sight. Drinking on an empty stomach isn’t exactly the most brilliant of all ideas and frankly, I’d expected people in the F&B industry to be more well-aware of this. Half way through our bottle, one of our food finally arrived and it’s our Starters. Wow, nearly 1 hour later and our STARTERS finally arrived.


Spruce Dips (SGD$16)

Spruce Dips (SGD$16) is basically baked bread with guacamoles, hummus, tuna conserva & tomato salsa dips. We were joking that it took one hour because of their hierarchy. How only ONE waiter is suppose to knead the dough, while the other bakes it and finally another guy cuts the bread. Just for a starter and you’ll need 3 guys to do it. No wonder they took an hour.

Okay, we jest. How many people it took exactly to make this starter, we have no idea. But considering, we were drinking on an empty stomach, you can’t exactly blame us for making such snide remarks.


Spruce Dips (SGD$16)

However I must admit that the bread is baked good and crunchy while the dips tastes fantastic as well. Then again, we’re too hungry to really care at that point.


Spruce Signature Salad (Right, SGD$18) | Spruce Mac & Cheese (left, SGD$9)

After 15 minutes of polishing off the bread and waiting for more food to come, our Spruce Signature Salad (SGD$18) finally arrived with the Spruce Mac & Cheese (SGD$9).


The Spruce Signature Salad (SGD$18)

The Spruce Signature Salad (SGD$18) basically contains avocado, corn, dates, goat cheese and almonds; tastes pretty decent for a big bowl. The dressing is proportionate to the greens and the ingredients itself is rather fresh.


Spruce Mac & Cheese (SGD$9)

The Spruce Mac & Cheese (SGD$9) is delightfully cheesy and the macaroni isn’t too soggy.

Since there are 4 couples (8 of us in total), we ordered 4 mains to share amongst ourselves, which gives us more varieties to sample. Once we’ve cleared our starters, our mains started coming out one after another. It confirms our speculation that they’re cooking our food all at one go. Explains the stalling, excuses and “ping-pong game” going on.


Tenderloin Steak Frites served with béarnaise, green salad and herbed fries (SGD$36)

First up is the Medium-Rare Tenderloin Steak Frites served with b√©arnaise, green salad and herbed fries (SGD$36)¬†that we’ve ordered. The steak is just utterly juicy and tender, almost melting in my mouth.


Baby Back Ribs marinated in homemade BBQ sauce served with tomato and corn bread (SGD$33)

Next is the Baby Back Ribs marinated in homemade BBQ sauce served with tomato and corn bread (SGD$33). The ribs are nicely marinated and the meat is so tender that it just simply falls off the bone, melting in your mouth. The bbq sauce isn’t too overpowering, allowing you to taste the meat and the tomato & corn bread tastes surprisingly sweet. For a moment, I actually thought i was eating a piece of a marble cake.


Carnaroli Risotto served with Porcini Mushroom and truffled hen egg (SGD$22)

Third is the Carnaroli Risotto served with Porcini Mushroom and truffled hen egg (SGD$22). We are all a little hesitant to break the egg (LOL) while one of us questioned, “Where’s the truffle in this??

Simply put, it’s like a glorified bowl of Italian Porridge. Act atas only. Haha!

In all seriousness, the risotto does taste good. But unfortunately, my taste buds keep comparing it to our Cantonese Congee and i couldn’t stomach another helping without feeling bleh and icky. Even the mac & cheese is more of my liking.


Whole Roasted Snapper crusted with cumin and fennel seeds served with herb salad (SGD$27)

Finally, our last course is seafood, complimenting the bottle of white wine which we’ve opened and already finished by then. LOL.

For a western restaurant, the Whole Roasted Snapper crusted with cumin and fennel seeds served with herb salad (SGD$27)¬†is pretty nicely done, almost similar in taste to the Chinese-Restaurant’s Snapper dishes. The fishy smell is almost non-existent while the flesh is soft and the skin is nicely fried but not over-fried.


Unfortunately, because of the service, we decided not to stay any longer to order dessert and took our dessert + chit-chat somewhere else. The total bill came up to around SGD$36 per person, so I guess it’s around SGD$288~++. Considering that our one bottle of white wine was half that bill, the food is actually pretty reasonably priced.


While the food & ambiance isn’t all that bad, I’d strongly recommend for people not to go to this Bukit Timah Fire Station branch but instead, head over to their MAIN branch at Tanglin area (Phoenix Park). It was over at the Tanglin branch where the lovely couple went and had decent service. They too express their disappointment at the service standards shown in the Bukit Timah Fire Station branch. We speculated that it could be because the main owner frequents the main branch more than the Bukit Timah Branch so what he doesn’t see, doesn’t hurt him? But I guess we’ll never know.

The Coastal Settlement (TCS): A blast-from-the-past Casual dining, Cafe & Bar

The Coastal Settlement (TCS)
200, Netheravon Road
Singapore 508529
Telephone: 6475 0200
Web: http://www.thecoastalsettlement.com/
Email: events@tcsmailbox.com

Current Operating Hours
Tuesday – Sunday: 10.30am to 12 Midnight (Last order for Food @ 9:45pm)


My lovely glamorous and stylish friend, Bryan G., hasn’t seen me for nearly half a year now ever since he went to serve the country. He invited me to join him at The Coastal Settlement, a nice eatery that boosts the same air and feel as Dempsey Hill. A place where you can feel “atas” LOL. Or in Bryan’s words, “Step-atas only!“. ūüėÄ


Feeling groovy yet?

Located at 200 Netheravon Road. The Coastal Settlement is a little bit far out & secluded in comparison to Dempsey Hill where at the very least is accessible with a main road that leads to the high-end fashion district of Singapore; Orchard Road. Even the taxi driver went “HUH????” when we told him “Uncle, 200 Netheravon Road.” 3 times! Obviously, it’s a very unknown road that we had to search for prominent landmarks around that area to tell the taxi driver before he finally figured out where the place roughly is. For those who’re unsure, just tell the taxi uncle that it is near/next to the Changi Sailing Club area.


Upon entry, You can tell that The Coastal Settlement has a rather huge compound. What I like about their exterior is the rustic nostalgic feeling it exudes: the old Singapore of the 60s & 70s era. As a wedding photographer, it is a very ideal & potential photoshoot location to have a pre-wedding photoshoot, as opposed to the overused “Colbar of Wessex Estate“.


They have not one but 3 old school cars in their compound on display.

We went in and was given the bar seating as they were almost full-house. From the looks of it, The Coastal Settlement has indeed gained quite a number of fans who’d make their journey all the way to the Far end of Eastern Singapore to chill-out and have a good meal. But otherwise, it is also very popular with the locals & expatriates who live around Changi area who’d prefer to hav a nice meal in a rather ‘fancy’ setting without having to make their journey all the way to town/city area.

It also seems that Bryan himself has made such a regular appearance to the place that most of the bartenders and waiters know who he is. Then again, it isn’t exactly hard to forget someone who decks out head-to-toe in stylish fashion-runway black :P.


Being seated at the bar is a good & bad thing, depending on the situation. I guess it’s good because we can get to have the full-attention of the staff on duty to serve us promptly.

Because I had a really fattening breakfast in the morning and another fattening dinner the night before, I decided to go easy on my weight and ordered their Coast Salad (SGD$16) instead with a Fresh Ice Lemon Tea (SGD$5++) since it was really warm. Bryan ordered their The Settlement Brunch set (SGD$24) and a Fresh Orange Juice (SGD$5++).


Their interior is as equally interesting as their exterior. At one corner you can see retro scooters, chairs hung up on shelves alongside of the walls, with vinyl records, old posters etc. accompanying it. At the bar corner where we’re seated at, they have classy grand chandeliers with old=Shanghai Chinese styled wood carved screens. It’s a place where it mixes different cultural and unique icons of the 60s and 70s.


The Coast Salad (SGD$16)

I was surprised to see my salad in a glass jar, similar to the Shake-Well salad that 15 minutes has. The serving staff promptly told me to put the dressing inside the class jar, close it before shaking it to mix it up. They provided a set of wooden tongs as well for me to serve on my plate.


So I did as I was told and poured out my salad onto the long plate that was provided for me. The pouring part was done messily sadly, due to my lack of skills i suppose LOL.


The Coast Salad (SGD$16)

The Coast Salad (SGD$16) is a mixture of greens with pork belly (reminiscent of bacon in terms of its look) and cocktail-prawns. The sauce is a light-nutty sauce that reminds me of a mix between Mesclun Salad dressing and Thai Chilli sauce; not spicy but definitely has a kick to it.


Fresh Ice Lemon Tea (SGD$5++)

My Fresh Ice Lemon Tea (SGD$5++) came in a huge retro beer mug of sorts with a shot of sugar syrup on its side. My suggestion to all would be to just pour the entire sugar syrup into the ice lemon tea to combat the sourness. Not healthy but it definitely makes it taste sweeter.


The Settlement Brunch set (SGD$24)

I had to be this annoying ‘food blogger’ friend to Bryan as he held on to his hunger while I struggle to take multiple shots of his Settlement Brunch set (SGD$24) using my iPhone 4 (because lighting was pretty bad inside). I’m sorry Bryan!


His brunch set consists of a toast bread with butter and jam, bratwurst, scrambled eggs (choice of scrambled or sunny side up), sauteed mushrooms, baked beans, strips of bacon and cherry tomatos. It looks good but I wasn’t in the mood for a brunch set (I was craving mains like meat actually) which was why i decided not to order it.


If mains, brunch sets doesn’t satisfy you; The Coastal Settlement provides desserts such as this lovely cupcake and other cakes as well. While I was staring hungrily at the cupcakes, bryan kindly reminded me of the amount of calories I’m going to incur and I decided to stop myself ūüė¶


We settled our bill and moved out to the outside compound of the area, where their outside seating, smoking corner seats and toilets are at. I was happy to see even more physical remnants of the past.

It’s like an old-playground or an abandoned fun-fair ground with its rides. Kids get to enjoy themselves there while the adults get to eat. A nice family touch to their compound ūüôā


As Bryan prides himself for being a ‘kidult”, we spare no time amusing ourselves and making a spectacle. ūüėÄ

Even I had a fun time taking photos with the ponies haha!

Alas, after all that fun, we were getting harassed by the other staff members whether we have placed our orders yet, a nice and diplomatic way of saying “If you ain’t gonna order more food, please GTFO.” As annoyed as we are, we were about to leave anyways because Bryan has another dinner appointment to attend to.


I’d recommend The Coastal Settlement for those who’re living in the East area and looking for places where the ambience, food and price is equivalent of the eateries at Dempsey Hill. However, it is very secluded and those driving will find a hard-time parking in that area. There is a public car park just behind and downhill from where The Coastal Settlement is located.


Last but not the least, an obligatory outfit photo for the ever fabulous Bryan G. who is probably the only male friend that I know, still maintaing his fashionable and glamarous side even when he’s serving for the country. In his mixture of Prada and Alexander Wang, I give props to him for surviving the terrible Singapore humidity and heatwave in all his black glory.

Follow him on his Twitter account over here – [TWITTER] and his fashion & food blog over here – [MONOMANIA]

As he puts it, “Epic Sunlight is Epic!“. ūüėÄ